Saint-Lazare as a Women’s Prison: 1794 – 1932

Exterior view, rear of chapel and infirmary wing, section administrative


Saint-Lazare as a Women’s Prison
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Chapter 2

The Prisons of the Philanthropes v. the Prisons of the Doctrinaires
Sewing Workroom

Chapter 3

The Sisters of Marie-Joseph: Prison Sisters.
Prison Saint-Lazare, Interior View, Refectory.

Chapter 4

The Classic Organization of the Prison
Prison Saint-Lazare, Façade, Looking South

Chapter 5

L’Œuvre des Libérées de Saint-Lazare​
Front Gate of Saint Lazare

Chapter 6

Women Prisoners, Prison Reforms, and the closure of Saint-Lazare prison​
Demolition of Lazare

Chapter 7

A losing struggle for historic preservation​
Prison Saint-Lazare, Façade

Chapter 8

Saint-Lazare Prison: A postscript​

Saint-Lazare as a Women’s Prison Exhibit

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Short stories of St. Lazare